Roots cards

These yoga cards can be used in both of our studios and for online classes

Drop in

validity 12 months

12 €

Roots Rookie

3 yoga classes, new customers only, validity 1 month

30 €

Roots 5

validity 2 months

55 €

Roots 10

validity 4 months

99 €

Roots kuukausi

validity 1 month

110 €

Online Cards

Can be used for all our online classes

Online drop in

validity 2 months

7,50 €

Online Roots 3

validity 2 months

20 €

Online Roots 10

validity 4 months

60 €

Online Roots kuukausi

validity 1 month

49 €

Video studio

One Month Access

12,90 €

3 Months Access

28 €

6 Months Access

55 €

Payment methods

You can pay online with the usual cards or via online bank payments. You can also use edenred, smartum, eazybreak and ePassi. In addition you can pay with cash on both of our studios.

gift cards

You can buy a Roots gift card for the amount you want from our online store or studios during the opening hours. The gift can be a drop-in class with a delicious breakfast, a yoga card, or an open gift card. Open gift cards can be used for all our services. Please note, however, that only Vallila has a café.

The gift card is valid for 12 months.

The gift recipient can book a yoga class from the booking system and redeem the gift card online against the card number or on their first arrival at Roots. The yoga card is activated on the first visit.


My yoga card expired while the studio was closed due covid. Can the validity of the card be continued?

Yes of course. :) We will continue the validity of the yoga cards when we open the studios again. Please send us a message to when we are opening the studios again and we will add validity time to your card. 

Can I buy a shared yoga card for myself and my spouse?

The card is always personal and under one user account. However, you can book two spots for the class and pay for another’s class this way. Except  if you have the monthly card, which is valid for one person only. 

I would like to pay a part of the purchase with sports benefits, is that possible?

Yes this is possible. You can use Smartum, Eazybreak and ePassi in our online store. If you would like to use Edenred, please contact us through email

Do I need a continuous subscription to buy access to the video studio?
You don’t need to commit to a continued membership. You always buy access to the video studio for one month at a time. Yoga comes and goes in life. However, regular moments on the mat are valuable and a small investment in your own well-being carries far.
I can't get my gift card redeemed, what should I do?
If the gift card number does not work online for you, you can always redeem the card when you arrive for the first class. You can skip the payment phase when booking classes. Or contact:
My card expired and I didn’t have time to use it all the time.
No worries, this can sometimes happen. You can redeem your remaining ones 5 e / class when you come to class.
I didn’t have time to cancel my booking or I didn’t make it to the class I booked

If the booking has not been canceled within the cancellation time, we will charge a cancellation fee of 10 euros or one visit from the yoga card. If you have a monthly card we will shorten it by one day.


Please only book the classes you plan to attend. Of course, sometimes plans change. We hope that you will always cancel your booking in time if you are prevented from coming. In this way, we respect both the yogis and the work of our teachers.

I was injured and I can’t attend classes for a moment, can I freeze the card?
Of course. We always freeze cards against a doctor’s note. Please send a message to:
My account has been closed and I can't book a class.
The user account will be automatically closed if you have more than three cancellation charges in your account. You can open your account by paying the cancellation fees.
I have an online card, but I would like to attend classes in the studio. Is it possible?
Yes it is possible at an additional cost. The price of a class change is 4 e / class. You can book a class and skip the payment phase. You can make the class change payment when you come to class.
You don't have any valid payment options available
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Order a new password from here. From now on, the payment methods in our online store are debit card, online bank payment
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