• Booking a weekly class: You can book any of our yoga classes beforehand through the booking system - we highly recommend this to secure a spot. You can start signing up 7 days before the class takes place. The booking system requires a login account, which you can easily create online. Please note that the reservation is binding.

  • Location: Roots Helsinki operates in two different locations at Vallila and at Töölö. Please check while booking which studio you are making your booking to. 

  • Paying a yoga class: You can either pay your class at the spot or alternatively online once you make a booking. You can get yourself a yoga pass, or come as a drop in. 

  • Courses/workshops: All the current workshops can be found under the tab "Workshops/Yoga Events". By paying the workshop in advance you secure yourself a spot, and it's easypeasy online where you are directed automatically to payment options. Please note that all reservations are binding. 

  • Need to cancel a class? In case you cannot make it, please remember to cancel your reservation on time. The cancellation should be done 10 hours before morning classes and 6 hours before evening classes. Morning classes are all of those which start before 12pm. Cancellations are not processed through an email or by phone, however you are able to make a "Late cancel". 

  • What is this “Late cancel”? “Late cancel” enables you to cancel the class even after the time frame has expired. We will still charge the class, but by opting for "Late cancel" it frees a spot to the class so that a fellow yogi can reserve it for themselves. Let's all be part of creating a studio, where we care for each other and give everyone a chance to enjoy yoga <3


HOX! Should you cancel/late cancel a booking and have a valid yoga pass, it will be charged as one visit. In other cases 10 euro cancellation fee will be charged per every cancelled class. In case of two unpaid and cancelled visits, your account will be suspended, but can be opened up by paying the cancellation fees.

  • Waitlist: If the class you would like to take part in is already full, you can still sign up for a waitlist.   Getting on the class is possible until the cancellation time frame has expired. You will be notified via e-mail (remember to check your spam box as well!) Note that in this case you don't need to confirm us that you're coming - the spot is yours! Being on a waitlist is an active status, so remember to keep an eye on your progress! In case you decide not to wait a spot anymore, kindly remove yourself from the waitllist as well so that there is no risk that you will be added to the class without you noticing it. There is also a possibility for you to get on the mat by showing up right before the class - we free all the spots 5 minutes prior to the start, so that even the yogis on a waitlist can have a shot to practice. 


Since we want to ensure the classes will start according to the schedule, please arrive on time. Once the class begins and door closes, we cannot welcome anyone to join the class anymore. This is to make sure every yogi receives a peaceful start.

Questions regarding bookings: 

Roots Helsinki Vallila

Café & Yoga

Eurantie 8

00550 HKI

Vallilan kahvilan aukioloajat:

Ma-Pe 8-14

La 9-14



Roots Helsinki Töölö

Yoga (auki joogatuntien yhteydessä)

Museokatu 17

00100 HKI


+358 40 1438600 (ma-pe 8-16)

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