yoga styles

We offer a wide range of different yoga styles so you can choose the class that suits you best. If you want to increase strength, challenge yourself, and are looking for a sweaty workout, you might want to choose a dynamic class like ashtanga, inversion flow, or vinyasa flow. If, on the other hand, you want your life to slow down, recover, and calm down, head to yin or restorative yoga. There are many styles of yoga and by experimenting you will find the right one for you. Read more details from the class descriptions. Class is held in english if there is (eng.) written after the name in the schedule.





Authentic flow (eng.)

Dynaaminen Hatha


Flow, level 2

Friday Softness (eng.)

Gentle flow (eng.)

Heartful flow (eng.)


Joogaa aloittelijoille

Joogaa kaikille – lihaskuntoa, kehonhallintaa ja liikkuvuutta

Joogaa liikkujille – lihaskuntoa, kehonhallintaa ja liikkuvuutta

Läsnäolon liike

Lempeä ilta


Prenatal yoga

Slow Flow

Soft Morning

Sunday Soul

Vinyasa Flow


Yin & Meditate

Yin & Yang


Yoga & sauna at Löyly (eng.)

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