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What is osteopathy? It brings physical, psychological, and social wellbeing together expressing an individual’s state of health. Function and structure are interrelated. Osteopath helps the body balance with gentle yet efficient manual techniques facilitating physiologic functions such as breathing, blood circulation, and lymphatic drainage. Techniques target soft tissue, joints, viscera, nervous system, and connective tissue. Osteopath sees the body as a unit and the treatment can also be directed outside the symptomatic area.


”My path crossed with osteopathic treatment after moving back from Greece. I’ve been fascinated with the connection between body and mind for a long time and wanted to better understand that connection and the function and structure of the human body. As an osteopath, I cherish genuine encounters and good interactions. Osteopathic treatment is gentle. If necessary, I will guide the exercises, and through discussion, we will find important factors in your life to maintain well-being.”

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Facials and massages

At Roots, you can get facials and massages with a warm, professional, and holistic touch. The treatments are done with the best natural cosmetics products. Each treatment is customized to meet the needs of the client, and the treatments pamper the mind, body, and face.

Hi, I am Sanni, a CIDESCO-SKY-Esse cosmetologist. You are welcome to my reception at the lovely and harmonic treatment room at Roots Helsinki’s Vallila location. My treatments pamper the body, mind, and nervous system and are efficient in terms of facial care.

My expertise is treating different kinds of imbalances of the skin; and massages that calm down the nervous system, ease pain, and open up tensions in the body in a gentle way.

Facials that lift the face and create a beautiful glow, as well as massages that boost the lymphatic system and blood circulation are my strong suit.

You are warmly welcome to my treatments!


Photo: Mari Waegelein

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