Roots Helsinki

Our story

The story of Roots Helsinki began in 2016 in Kallio. The dream behind Roots was to create a place where everyone can spend time feeling grounded and rooted. Lie down on a yoga mat or sit down and enjoy a delicious breakfast. When we want the world to calm down, we have to start with ourselves.  

Our vision is a genuine, vibrant and prosperous life. We want to encourage everyone to take care of themselves first. Next comes the people around and life’s uncertainties.

For us, life is all about small moments and nurturing them.

At Roots Helsinki we combine yoga with a vegan café. Nowadays, we also have spread our roots into more studios and into homes as an online studio. Our online yoga has opened the doors to many home studios all around the world.

There have been many groundbreaking moments over the years. We have been learning, rebuilding and rising. There are a lot of great people behind Roots. Our Roots family includes full-time teachers, wellness professionals, foodies, fashion designers, consultants, students, mothers and entrepreneurs.


For you dear soul,

Here you can be what you are. In full honesty, all of it. Big and small.

You get to feel. Make room for the feelings, to move forward. Cry, laugh, fall. Let’s lift each other up.

Building community, discussions. Let’s be human. I for you and you for me. Regardless of gender, age, background or skin color. Let’s face each other.

Let’s examine what is. Let us be grateful for all this. Gratitude creates abundance.

The outside world is always moving. The inner world is yours.

The only way to be present is to be in the moment. Showing up again and again. Body, heart and spirit.

Yoga is an invitation to live to the fullest. Commit to live with every cell. Cultivate the big twists and turns of life. Joys, challenges and bonfires. Experience after experience.

Yoga is where you are. At home, at work, on the street, at the breakfast table, on the mat. In every breath.

Listen to yourself. Invest in yourself. Laugh at yourself. Trust yourself. And dare to challenge.

What you focus on, grows. Inevitably.

Inhale. Every breath is an invitation to come home. Be at home.

Welcome aboard!

- Roots
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