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Yoga. Cake. Life.

Soulful combo of a yoga studio and vegan café in Vallila and a cozy yoga shala in Töölö. Intimate and relaxed atmosphere – yoga classes, delicious food and vibrant life.

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Mon – Fri 08 – 17:30 | Sat 09 – 14

Yoga classes today:


07.30 - 08.30ONLINE Aamuflow
19.45 - 20.45ONLINE Yin & Meditate


07.30 - 08.30Aamuflow
14.00 - 15.30Raskausjooga
17.00 - 18.10Inversion flow (eng)
18.30 - 19.30Flow
19.45 - 21.00Yin & Meditate


17.30 - 18.45Slow Flow (eng.)
19.15 - 20.30Yinstorative

Yoga classes

The word yoga has as many meanings as there are yoga practitioners. We at Roots want to help everyone in creating their own perception of yoga. Each of us has our own reasons to come to the mat and we hope you choose a class where you listen to yourself and respect your needs. Our classes are always guided and you are there with our knowledgeable and trained teachers. We offer about 50 classes a week from soft to dynamic – sweaty, restorative, refreshing, relaxing and meditative yoga classes. You don’t have to know how to do yoga, recall asanas or understand yoga vocabulary. The most challenging part is to open your mat and take that first step. You can participate in the weekly classes in the studios or from home via live streamed online classes.

Video library

In our video library you will find +100 various yoga practises that you can do anywhere according to your own schedule. We add several new yoga classes to the selection every month. You’ll also find creative yoga stories meant for children and playful adults. Try 7 days for free.

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We are a fully plant-based café in the heart of Vallila. We serve all-day breakfast combos, oven-fresh pastries, delicious salads and other nutritious treats. Enjoy a slow morning, stop by for a coffee or enjoy a glass of wine. We can also pack everything for takeaway.

video library

from 13,50 € / month

Practice according to your own schedule. By subscribing to Roots video library you will get +100 different yoga practices from short to long lessons and soft to strong classes.


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Our studios are open again! 

The full spring schedule starts from 7.2. You can also join our online classes. Take care ♡

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